CPB320 – Big Heating Station for Tablet and Smartphone Screen Removal 380mm * 220mm



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The CPB heating pad is portable and super easy to use;it is designed with high efficiency heating system, it only takes 9 minutes to make heating pad heat up to 248℉(120℃).
Mobile phone mode and tablet mode,which provides more proper temperature. Mobile phone mode’s settable temperature is 50℉-248℉(10℃-120℃),tablet mode’s settable temperature is 50℉-194℉(10℃-90℃).
Time and temperature controlled,which ensures your safety and won’t burn the plastic or the LCD.
6 screwdriver position and 10 notches to classify and store IC components ,which improve your work efficiency and make your operation station clean and tidy.
LED screen provides HD vision and longer use time.

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