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Joyroom Ring Flash Lamp Tripod Kit Ring Light Black (JR-ZS233)


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10.2 inch Joyroom ring lamp for selfie and filming – black (JR-ZS233) Professional photos and videos at your fingertips ! The ring ring lamp will be a dream gadget for everyone who develops their careers on the Internet : youtubers, influencers, social media specialists or image shaping. The lamp will perfectly illuminate the face in make-up films or products in marketing materials . The set includes as many as two tripods – for even greater possibilities. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Model: JR-ZS233 Size: approx. 26 cm (10.2 inches) Connector type: USB The most important advantages of the Joyroom JR-ZS233 ring lamp: You will prepare professional photos and videos for YouTube or TikTok – the lamp will perfectly illuminate make-up films or live streaming You can adjust the height of the lamp to your needs . The device has been equipped with two tripods Choose the best position for your phone and… record ! The 10.2 inch lamp has a 360 degree rotating phone holder Kit Contents: 1 x ring light 1 x fold-out tripod 1 x phone holder with flexible arm 1 x Threaded Phone Holder 1 x threaded adapter 1 x tripod 1 x large handle with ball joint 1 x ball adapter for tripod mounting 1 x bluetooth remote control 3 colors and 10 brightness mode The ring lamp houses as many as 128 LEDs that work in three color modes: white, warm white and warm yellow (from 2800 K to 6000 K). Additionally, each mode has 10 adjustable brightness ranging from 10% to 100%. Adjustable floor stand and portable mini-stand The Joyroom ring lamp is equipped with two stands: a tall floor lamp and a low desk lamp. So you can place the lamp on a 160 cm high tripod or connect it to a 47 cm high selfie stick. Thanks to such properties, the lamp will meet various challenges. Remote control and universal screw size The set also includes a sensitive remote control that you can connect to your phone (Android or iOS) via a Bluetooth module. It works within 10 meters. However, you can put more than just a phone on the tripod – the size of the upper screw M1 complies with the universal, international standard. So you can screw to it any equipment with a built-in thread of this size, e.g. a digital camera. Connect to power thanks to the universal USB connector You can connect the lamp to electricity via a USB connector. It doesn’t use much energy, so you can connect it to a wall charger, laptop, computer or power bank.