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Magic Shield Case For iPhone 13 Flexible Armored Burgundy Cover


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If you want to make your phone resistant to shocks and impacts, and at the same time you care about an elegant look, choose the Magic Shield Case . It is a flexible cover, ideally suited to the shape of the smartphone. It protects well against the effects of falls, has non-slip edges, and also allows wireless charging. It also has two-stage camera lens protection. The Magic Shield Case comes in many beautiful colors. Choose your favorite!


  • Model: Magic Shield Case
  • Material: TPU

The most important advantages of the Magic Shield Case:

  • Perfectly absorbs shocks. The Magic Shield Case has 10 built-in invisible airbags: four in the corners and six on the back. It protects well against the effects of falls
  • Enables wireless charging without removing the case. The case has the right thickness that does not interfere with inductive charging
  • It adheres exactly to the edge of the device, protecting it from all sides. In the event of a fall, the impact energy is distributed evenly, which significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to the phone
  • Provides a high level of protection for your phone with more grip. It has non-slip edges with a surface resembling a car tire. So your phone will not fall out of your hand
  • Perfectly adapts to the shape of the phone. It has cutouts for the charging port, headphones and speakers
  • It has two-stage camera protection. Lens cutouts and raised edge design protect your camera from dust, water and scratches
  • Makes it easy to assemble and disassemble on the phone. The case is made of high-quality TPU – a plastic material that not only softens the shocks associated with a possible fall, but also does not break
  • Protects your phone from scratches on the back. The inner layer is covered with a delicate, flocked lining
  • Stays clean for a long time. The silky coating does not collect fingerprints, dust or dirt, and if it gets dirty, the coating is easily washable
  • It comes in many beautiful, subdued colors. Find your favorite!
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