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Magnet Fancy Case For Samsung Galaxy A23 5G A236 Flip Cover Wallet Stand Black


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The Magnet Fancy Case matched to the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G perfectly protects the phone from damage caused by falls or scratches (for example, by keys carried in a pocket). Raised edges around the screen and rear camera protect the phone from scratching these elements when it is placed on a flat surface. It has responsive buttons and cutouts for ports. Perfect for people who value style, quality and want to take care of their device. It has many functions: it will protect your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G against accidental damage, it will store the most necessary cards or banknotes, it will turn into a stand for comfortable watching movies. It combines case, wallet and protection.


  • Series: Magnet Fancy Case
  • Material: TPU, ecological leather
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
  • Device model code:
    • SM-A236BLBUEUE
    • SM-A236BZKUEUE
    • SM-A236BZKUEUB
    • SM-A236BLBUEUB
    • SM-A236BZWUEUB
    • SM-A236BZOUEUB
    • SM-A236ELBYTHL
    • SM-A236EZKYTHL
    • SM-A236BZWUEUE
    • SM-A236BZWVEUE
    • SM-A236BLBVEUE
    • SM-A236BZKVEUE
  • Black colour

Key Benefits of the Magnet Fancy Case for Samsung Galaxy A23 5G:

  • You don’t need to bring your wallet with you . The case has internal compartments that will hold cards and banknotes
  • It will protect your phone against the effects of accidental falls . The silicone form holds the smartphone well, and the leather case protects against scratches
  • You can comfortably watch a movie or read a text on your phone . The case can turn into a stand

Perfect finish

Magnet Fancy Case is a “book case” style case – it resembles a rigid cover that hides your phone. In order for the smartphone to hold the case stably, it is plugged into the internal silicone form. The cover is available in several subdued colors and has an elegant leather finish.

Will replace wallet and stand

Take a look inside – on the inside of the flap , the Magnet Fancy Case has several pockets that can accommodate payment cards, loyalty cards, banknotes or business cards. In addition, the case can be easily changed into a stand. One move is enough to, for example, comfortably watch movies or read e-books.

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