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Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Case For Samsung Galaxy A14 5G A146 / A14 A145


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The Nillkin Super Frosted Shield case for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G / Galaxy A14 is a combination of durability and elegant appearance. Made of high-quality PC materials, it provides adequate protection against damage and scratches. Thanks to the use of modern technology of matt UV varnishing, the case has a pleasant to the touch finish and an elegant design. The raised edges increase the protection of the screen and the camera, and the special texture on the back ensures anti-slip and resistance to dirt and fingerprints. The case is also easy to clean. Thanks to precisely made openings for buttons and ports, the use of the phone is free and comfortable. This case is an excellent choice for people who appreciate durability and elegant design in one product.


  • Brand: Nillkin
  • Series: Nillkin Super Frosted Shield
  • Material: PC
  • Compatibility:
    • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A14
  • Device model code:
    • SM-A145RZSUEUB
    • SM-A145RLGUEUB
    • SM-A145RZKUEUB
    • SM-A145RZSVEUB
    • SM-A145RLGVEUB
    • SM-A145RZKVEUB
    • SM-A145RZKUEUE
    • SM-A145RLGUEUE
    • SM-A145RZSUEUE
    • SM-A145RZKVEUE
    • SM-A145RLGVEUE
    • SM-A145RZSVEUE
    • SM-A145FZKVTHL
    • SM-A145FZSVTHL
    • SM-A146BDRD
    • SM-A146BZKD
    • SM-A146BLGD
    • SM-A146BDRH
    • SM-A146BZKH
    • SM-A146BLGH
    • SM-A146BDRI
    • SM-A146BZKI
    • SM-A146BLGI
    • SM-A146PZKDEUB
    • SM-A146PLGDEUB
    • SM-A146PZSDEUB
    • SM-A146PZKGEUB
    • SM-A146PLGGEUB
    • SM-A146PZSGEUB
    • SM-A146PZKGEUE
    • SM-A146PLGGEUE
    • SM-A146PZSGEUE
    • SM-A146PZSGTHL
    • SM-A146PZKGTHL
  • Blue color

Key Benefits of the Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Samsung Galaxy A14 5G / Galaxy A14 Case:

  • Protection against scratches and damage – thanks to the durable PC material and raised edges around the screen and rear camera, the case effectively protects the phone from scratches and damage, increasing its durability.
  • Non-slip texture – a special texture of small dots increases the grip of the case to the hand, reducing the risk of the phone slipping out of the hand.
  • Resistance to dirt and fingerprints – a coating of matte UV varnish on both sides of the case effectively protects against dirt and fingerprints, keeping the case clean for a long time.
  • Freedom of use – the case is precisely cut and matched to a specific phone model, allowing free access to all functions and buttons.
  • Elegant appearance – the combination of a dark, matte color and a subtle texture gives a sense of elegance and high quality of the produc
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